Soldiers 4 Christ Ministries is a non-denominational Christian ministry that began in South Africa in 2014. We look to serve the Body of Christ in three main ways –

The sad truth is that many Christians feel that there is no real answer to the problems they face on a daily basis – problems such as illnesses, fear and anxiety, addictions and anger outbursts, financial problems, long-term consequences of trauma or abuse and relationship dysfunction… to name but a few. The list is endless! The wonderful fact, however, is that God is willing, able and longing to restore His people and equip them to fulfil all the plans He has for them! No man or woman is excluded, and we have seen thousands of lives healed and transformed since the work began.

1.We offer Free Sunday services at 9:30, Free Thursday Manna evenings at 19:00 where you can fellowship together with other Christians around the word of God.

2.We offer Inner Healing restoration and deliverance courses consisting out of Level 1 for beginners and Level 2 for more advanced. These courses consist of Deliverance and Healing, Spiritual Warfare and Heavenly realms to equip you with a better understanding of the Spiritual Realm. To book, view Courses.

3.We offer personal prayer/pastoral care sessions with a pastor to break the bondage of the enemy over your life. In this specialty field, we deal on a spiritual level with trauma that is the cause of a broken spirit, breaking of bloodline curses, ungodly soul ties, breaking of contracts that can be the cause of the enemy’s attacks on a person’s life. For an appointment contact the office. (For any Pastoral care sessions that are booked after hours, an after hour fee will apply)

Welcome to our family!


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