Pastor Gideon Niemandt is the founder of the Soldiers 4 Christ Ministry since 2014. He married Pastor Era Niemandt in 2019, and he has completed his Bachelor, Honours in Prophetic and ministry through Team Impact Christian University in 2019. He was ordained as a pastor by Marius Higgens Ministries and is registered by ACRP, which is a governmental protection body for pastors as a General Religious Practitioner.


Pastor Niemandt came from a background where he was exposed to whichcraft and spiritual activities already from a very young age, and practiced these activities to serve satan. He ended up in a high rank position as a warlock, But his life was forever changed after he had an encounter with the God of the Universe, Yeshua Hammasiah. The deep love he experienced transformed him as he started his journey to seeking God, recovery and healing from his past. Through this whole process God has equipped Pastor Gideon to also help others who is seeking change and deliverance from bondage. He is exposing the enemy by revealing whichcraft in peoples lives, blood line and generational curses and demonic bondage that keeps children of God captive because of a lack of knowledge. Today, Gideon, together with his wife and excellent leadership team are in full time ministry and are offering Spiritual Life skills sessions, Bible school and Inner healing and Spiritual warfare teachings.





















Pastor Gideon Niemandt

Director and Inner Healing

Pastor Era Niemandt

Director and Inner Healing

Pastor Domaine Peens

Youth Pastor

Pastor Jurie van Staden

Director and Finance

Pastor Gwen van Staden

Director and Inner Healing

Andrew Doyle


Pastor Kevin Jardim


Stella Jardim

Sanctification of Dwelling Place

Deon Nortmann


Gert Coertzen


Alison Coertzen

Children Sunday School

Magda Brümmer


Drika Botha





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