Here is a method to pray over your home and protect them from curses. Scriptures talks about anointing not only people but objects and many people would use oil, but we have found red grape juice very beneficial, as we declare it as Yeshua’s blood. We prefer using oil for healing prayers, as the oil is also the anointing of Ruach (Holy Spirit) This will protect you from curses sent out by witches at night together with the demons accompanying them and spare you from a lot of spiritual warfare and torment.

However, sanctification begins with your own heart first, and thereafter you can sanctify your home. So close all those ‘inner’ doors to the enemy first and then you dedicate your home to the Lord so that the enemy cannot even enter into your home.

Let us look at the Passover Lamb scripture in Exodus chapter 12. Where the children of Israel had anointed the doorposts and lintel of their home with the blood of the Passover lamb to keep the death angel from coming in. Now the death angel was a spirit. It didn’t need a physical door to enter a home.Then in  Exodus chapter 40 Moses was instructed to use the anointing oil.“And you shall take the anointing oil, and anoint the tabernacle and all that is in it; and you shall hallow it and all its utensils, and it shall be holy.” Exodus 40:9.These days, we have many openings into our homes. Doors, windows, air ducts, fireplaces, stove vents, etc.

Lets pray

Take a small dap of oil/red grape juice, proclaim you are anointing your home and say:

In the of God the Father, Yeshua ha Mashiach, and the Holy Spirit I command every spirit to leave my house through the un-anointed door at once. (walk around and anoint all the doors, windows, mirrors (astral projection happens through mirrors often), the cord that goes from your computer/tv and your phone) Ask the Lord to seal it so that no demons can be sent into your home through your computer/Tv or phone..

As you anoint the last door, you ask the lord to sanctify and seal your home. After you have done this, leaving one door un-anointed, stand and speak out loud. Say the following:

Step 1:

In the name of Yeshua ha Mashiach I take authority over every curse coming against me, my spouse, my family, our marriage, our children, our animals, our home and everything we have. I command you curses to be broken NOW in the name of Jesus.”

Step 2:

In the name of Yeshua, I take authority over every evil spirit in this house. I command you spirits to get out of this door right now, and off of my property and do not touch anything on your way, in the name of Yeshua.”

Step 3:

Anoint the last door and pray and ask the Lord to cleanse and seal your home and shield all of you completely from the evil spiritual realm. As we come closer to the end and times become more and more difficult, I think we will all need to re-anoint and cleanse our homes every night before we go to bed. As people come and go from your home, sometimes the seal gets broken and you will need to recleanse your home. However, you don’t need to anoint everything, just the doors that people have been through. If you are anointing your home on a routine daily basis as I usually do, you can just do the doors.

You can do the same around the grounds of your house, and the perimeter walls. It helps to put grapejuice in a plastic spray bottle and as you walke around the edge of your property, spray a line of grapejuice on the ground. Likewise, proclaim that you property belonged to God and ask Him to take possession of it and seal and protect it.

Before closing the final space, break every curse off of the land, and command all demons off of it in the name of Yeshua Ha massiach. Then finished closing the line with the ‘blood’, praying and asking God to seal the land from any demonic intrusion. This, too brings much peace and protection. It can be done on drains (water spirits) as well. Anywhere where the Ruach (Holy Spirit) leads you.

You will feel the immediate change and peace and quiet will come over your home. If not, please contact us at the office since we have teams of people that can help you with this.


Watch how to cleanse your home of demons here

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